Chinese Herbology combined with treatments.How Can Acupuncture Help You?

Acupuncture helps the body release its own healing ability. It can treat the symptoms of internal disorders (i.e. poor digestion, respiratory disorders, urinary and menstrual problems) as well as neurological and muscular disorders such as headaches, neck and back pain. Acupuncture treatments can also help with smoking cessation and weight loss.
Chinese Medicine is not "one size fits all". The Chinese diagnosis of many common complaints takes into account your bodys constitution and customizes a treatment plan based on that information. As a Licensed Acupuncturist, I will take a pulse reading and look at your tongue to determine your basic constitution; I can then proceed to give you a customized treatment. If necessary you may leave the office with an herbal formula specific for your ailment.

What to Expect

How long does a treatment take? Initially the first consultation might take over an hour. Once a treatment plan has been established, it is possible to have a 45-55 min appt - with at least 20 minutes of that time devoted to relaxing with needles gently stimulating specific acupuncture points.

Is a treatment painful? The needles I use are light and extremely thin. The most commonly described sensation can be a slight tingling sensation as the bodys qi connects. Once the needles are in place this sensation does subside and a relaxed state of mind is often experienced.

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